Other Ceremonies

Living Funerals


Living Funerals...your chance to say goodbye.

When most people think of funerals, they think of solemn occasions with most people wearing black, standing around either a casket or within a crematorium, crying and wishing they had the time to say all the things that they should have said when their loved one was still alive. 

And whilst the majority of end-of -life events include some sort or memorial, there is a growing trend towards celebrating a life lived whilst you are still here.

Giving everyone a chance to rejoice in your life, share stories and spend time together, a 'living funeral' or a 'life celebration' can be a wonderful way to gather family and friends and create lasting memories.

What does this event look like? Anyway you want it to! It can be an intimate afternoon tea with close family and friends to something as elaborate as a society wedding reception. Unlike regular funerals, time will allow you to carefully plan this occasion exactly as you want and will facilitate the guest of honour taking strength, love and support from those around that love them.

We can also discuss other options - venues, food, timing and music can all be considered to make it unique and personal to you. Even ways of sharing your life can be featured, such as photo boards, collections of memorabilia linked to hobbies, family videos or even trophies.

A living funeral doesn’t have to be in place of a traditional funeral and it probably shouldn’t. They both serve separate purposes. Even after a great living funeral, there is still a need for ceremony, ritual, closure and to say one last goodbye to someone that you love.

If this is something that you are interested in, please contact me and I will explain how I can officiate the occasion and provide structure to the event thereby allowing everyone attending to concentrate on enjoying the occasion rather than being concerned about awkward silences.


Renewal of Vows

renewal of vows

Celebrate all that has happened and all that is yet to be in a wonderful opportunity to reminisce and remind yourselves of the love you have for each other by renewing your vows with your family and friends in attendance.

This is especially popular with more mature couples who wish to create new memories in addition to the original wedding day that they shared or maybe they are celebrating a special anniversary and would like to mark the occasion. It gives them a wonderful chance to say 'thank you' for the years of shared happiness and love they have enjoyed together, whilst focusing on what the vows they have choosen mean to them and more importantly their marriage.

For you though, it could be that you would like to reaffirm your love for each other after a rough patch in your relationship or you just need a good excuse for a big party(!), whichever it is, I have the skills to produce a wonderfully intimate event that truly exceeds your expectations.

Naming Ceremonies

Baby naming1

Baby naming2

If you, like a growing number of parents, would like to welcome the arrival of tiny feet in a non religious ceremony, then this could be just what you are looking for.

'Naming days' are becoming increasingly popular as a unique way to celebrate and acknowledge the newest member of your clan with a wide circle of family and friends by way of a specially written ceremony, announcing your childs name to all in attendance.

Popular for those parents who would like to acknowledge the gift that has been bestowed on them whilst offering the child the chance to choose it's own beliefs later in life, this type of occasion also helps identify friends and family members that will be involved in the babies life throughout childhood, offering guidance, advice and support.

Together we can organise your day exactly as you want it to be - as a calm, spiritual affair, featuring poems, readings and maybe music or create something bespoke and fun - such as a book of well wishes and artwork for the child to treasure in later years.

This type of ceremony is not exclusively for babies and can be used in a number of other circumstances such as the joining of two families into one or maybe the change of name that an adult has chosen to signify a new chapter in their lives.

Whichever situation applies to you, by booking with me I would be able to ensure that the occasion is everything you wished for and more.